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Protocols are designed to help patients achieve the best possible results (outcome) following an injury or surgery.

Protocols are not recipes but are guidelines written to help healthcare professionals in making informed decisions and recommendations to patients based on their clinical presentation at a given point in time.

This website consists of non-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation protocols  that are currently available free-of-charge on the internet.  Regrettably, there are hundreds of thousands of search engine results for conditions  which make it very time consuming to screen them.

To help healthcare professionals, we review and update protocols which offer our subscribers the most robust and content rich protocols.

This website is an educational resource for healthcare professionals only. The protocols that appear on this website are not a substitute for seeing a physician or a physiotherapist.

In return for our screening service, we charge an annual subscription of twelve dollars ($12.00 Cdn dollars).

If  you have any questions or concerns with a protocol, we invite you to contact the authors of the protocol directly.

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